MKP Caravan (UK)

Small round white bubbles. Oblong oval green . Big round cornered brown square. All with the same in common, that they are caravans of the manufacture MKP. You meet MKP vans everywhere in Denmark, if you look for them, because there are still more than 1000 on the Danish roads.

MKP caravan club international is a club for owners of MKP caravans. The club has approx. total 250 members in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. 

The MKP clubs members have the opportunity to meet 8 times a year, because there is arranged an Easter meet and there is arranged weekend camping (approx. 8 times a year), where MKP people can meet without any precise program. To attend a MKP rally is something unique. There are big and small, white, yellow, beige and green caravans. Some are very nice kept, others barely as nice, but they participate and that is the most important.   There was taken initiative to form MKP caravan club international in 1994
MKP-Kureren is the clubs magazine, which comes out 4 times a year. It is released in Danish, but still with articles and information from the other member countries. The magazine includes information about MKP caravans, old articles, tips regarding repairs of MKP caravans and naturally information that are of interest for the members. Just reparations and maintenance of the caravans are one of the things the club works a lot with. Because the caravans are not produced any more there is often need for assistance in finding the right spare parts or the like.

MKP caravans are produced in Kolding until 1988, where the production stopped. Mikkel Kristian Pedersen is the originator for these different caravans. M.K. Pedersen was originally coach builder and through time it has come to approx. 14500 vans, which has his name. Naturally the caravans are sold in Denmark but are also exported to a large number of other countries. The caravans where produced in Kolding Karosserifabrik, which had its great period at the end of the 60 and the start of the 70. The caravans eventually got too expensive to produce, because it was handwork. The price of a MKP Royal was in 1982 was approx. 100000 DKK. And in 1988 the price for the smaller Grandesse was approx. 148000 DKK. Today the MKP caravans can be bought for reasonable money, and you get plenty value for money when you buy a second-hand MKP.

MKP caravans are built on an electroplated undercarriage and built up in fibreglass and not metal as other caravans. Inside they are very different. They all have there own charm. That the caravans are very different is because you could order it as you wanted and could offer. The isolation in a MKP caravan is a chapter for itself. They have an unsurpassable isolation, which makes the caravan suitable for use in the winter. In addition most of them are equipped with double-glazed window. Because of the round shape the caravan is wind resistant and the caravan is perfect behind the car when driving also the fuel consumption is not at big as on a traditional square caravan.

All who have interest in MKP Caravan. Therefore it is our hope that as many as possible who drives a MKP caravan are members. Then we can really exchange ideas and experiences regarding our caravans.

If this is of interest please fill in the form under registration. The subscription is 350 DKK. It would please us to invite you and your family welcome in our little community.

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